How Advanced Reporting Empowers Brands To Optimize Audience Targeting and Increase Conversions

How Advanced Reporting Empowers Brands To Optimize Audience Targeting and Increase Conversions

Measure the effectiveness of OOH like never before.

September 9, 2022

Many stores rely on foot traffic and in-person sales. But how do you most effectively target customers to boost conversions and get consumers through your doors?

It’s a combination of:

  • Timed and tailored ad delivery
  • Robust analytics on consumer engagement and traffic to stores
  • Tailored reach to target consumers as brands learn more about their audiences

Here’s a look at how Blue Bite empowers brands to optimize their reach to target audiences and boost conversions with Verified Walk-In Footfall Attribution and other powerful analytics.

Boost In-Store Visits With Blue Bite

To most effectively get consumers through their doors and boost sales, brands must have a targeted approach. Blue Bite’s Verified Walk-in Footfall Attribution empowers brands to widen their reach to their target audiences with out-of-home advertising (OOH) and and measure the number of consumers that visit their stores as a result of exposure to OOH & Mobile Advertising.

What Is Verified Walk-in Footfall Attribution?

Verified Walk-in (VWI) Footfall Attribution drives consumers to visit stores while capturing data for attribution and reporting.

  • Consumers are targeted with ads during a campaign, pushing them to visit stores.
  • Blue Bite tracks mobile-to-offline conversions and the impact of out-of-home (OOH) on in-store visits.
  • Brands are empowered with powerful insights, including metrics on the number of store visits, when consumers visited in regard to when they were shown a targeted ad and more.

With more targeted ads pushed to consumers, there’s a higher likelihood that there will be a match to a company’s target audience — increasing the probability that an ad will convert to an in-store visitation.

Plus, OOH advertising leads to a 4x increase in online activity per ad dollar spent compared to traditional TV, radio and print advertising.

Gain Powerful Insights To Tailor Your Approach to Consumers and Target Audiences More Effectively

Brands are empowered with powerful reports on consumer purchases, revenue transactions, signups and many more metrics.

  • Visits: Learn which consumers visit your store(s) — including in comparison to when and where they’re exposed to ads — and which leads have the best conversions.
  • Cost: Gain powerful insights on ad spend per conversion.
  • Sales and Visits: Learn how specific ad campaigns increase your brand sales and drive traffic to your stores.
  • Device and Location: Gain insights on how and where out-of-home (OOH) advertising is most effective through location, venue, board type and more to tailor campaigns.
  • Cross-channel Conversions: Learn the powerful impacts of cross-channel media across mobile, desktop, connected TV and more to refine optimization strategies.

Learn From Consumers Themselves

Much of these insights are first-party data, which comes directly from consumers themselves — empowering brands with powerful information to tailor their approach in current and future campaigns to best convert consumers and drive sales.

Consumer sentiment surveys, for example, empower brands by asking one simple question to a target audience. This empowers brands with a better understanding of their audience, who they are and how those consumers respond to specific campaigns.

Get Empowered With Campaign Effectiveness Data

Blue Bite’s VWI Footfall Attribution and other robust analytics empower brands with a complete understanding of the ad campaign life cycle.

Brands are empowered to more effectively connect with consumers by tailoring their approach to combine Mobile & OOH advertising campaigns. By leveraging Mobile advertising to create targeted, personalized connections, brands are able to boost in-store traffic and grow their bottom line.

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