Improve your Brand Message by Amplifying Digital OOH Advertising with Mobile

Improve your Brand Message by Amplifying Digital OOH Advertising with Mobile

See how you can increase your marketing effectiveness by 3x. 

June 23, 2023

What if we told you that you could see 3x higher effectiveness rates with your marketing?

Research shows companies that have multichannel marketing strategies see 3x higher effectiveness compared to those with non-integrated campaigns. What’s more, 72% of consumers prefer to connect with brands via multichannel marketing — and the same number prefer digital communication with companies.

Blending mobile and digital OOH marketing empowers brands to form personalized, continuous connections with consumers —  boosting engagement and forming a lasting impression.

Here’s a look at how blending mobile into your digital OOH strategies can empower your brand to stay ahead with impressive engagement.

Benefits of Mobile and Digital OOH Marketing

Blue Bite Connected Media goes a step beyond traditional digital OOH ads with Blue Comet shadowfencing (geofencing coupled with GPS data) that delivers marketing to those in a specific location range.

These digital billboards are no longer solely static — and can be placed on a moving vehicle, for example — to attract more engagement and take a more targeted approach based on where consumers are in real time.

Brands can then market to consumers via their devices in sequence with the digital OOH marketing — creating a lasting impression.

Digital OOH marketing empowers brands to:

  • Target consumers based on their real-time location
  • Tailor messaging and approach based on different geofences, proximity to competitors, and more

According to Statista, when brands used mobile digital billboards, 35% of consumers “visited a website or searched online for the advertised product or service.” It also showed that 35% “visited the advertised store, restaurant, or other business,” highlighting its effectiveness.

Mobile marketing, meanwhile, empowers brands to:

  • Form 1:1 connections with consumers
  • Personalize interactions based on location, previous interactions, first-and zero-party data, language, and more
  • Emphasize messaging in line with digital OOH advertisements, creating a lasting impression

Digital OOH and mobile marketing combine to form effective, blended multichannel strategies that excite and engage consumers.

How Multichannel Mobile and Digital OOH Marketing Empowers Brands

Imagine you’re out running errands on a weekend. As you’re walking, you see a digital OOH ad — maybe a QR code on a mobile billboard on a vehicle that drives past you. After scanning the QR code and interacting with the Experience, you later receive a mobile advertisement for that same product(s) — keeping it at the front of your mind.

This is how mobile and digital OOH marketing seamlessly come together in an effective multi-channel marketing strategy, empowering brands with continuous engagement.

Combine Mobile and Digital OOH to Continually Engage Consumers

Here’s a deeper look at how mobile and digital OOH combine to form effective, cross-channel strategies that leave a lasting connection with consumers.

Mobile Advertising + OOH empowers brands to:

  • Send advanced targeted messaging based on factors like behaviors, demographics, location, and more
  • Send cross-device messaging – through mobile, computer, tablets, etc.
  • Optimize reach to target audiences to boost engagement and conversions
  • Tailor their campaigns as they learn from valuable real-time first-party data and other metrics
  • Build customer brand loyalty with consistent and consecutive messaging
  • See more impactful engagement
  • Gain valuable insights on their audiences with key performance indicators (KPIs) surrounding purchases, sign-ups and transactions, and learn how customers visit your store following exposure to a mobile ad.
  • Build engaging Experiences that go above and beyond static web pages to excite customers — and keep them coming back for more

Step Into Effective Cross-channel Engagement

If you’re ready to stay ahead of the competition with 3x the effectiveness in your marketing strategy, Blue Bite Connected Media and Blue Comet shadowfencing is here to empower you.

Seamlessly blend mobile and digital OOH advertising for effective, personalized reach that keeps consumers engaged with sequential messaging — all right from their devices on their daily journeys.

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